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Your Ultimate Guide to Simplisafe Smart Home Security

Trusted by 5 million plus members. Simplisafe has been named "best home security" 3 years in a row, with its easy-to-install systems, step-by-step setup and beautiful smart home devices.

Simplisafe Is The Best Home Security System

Table Of Contents

1. What is Simplisafe

2. Simplisafe Systems

3. Best Outdoor Camera

4. Simplisafe Accessories

5. Simplisafe Sensors

6. Simplisafe Monitoring

Why is Simplisafe is the best home security system to have today

Customized strictly & confortably for your home to all your family members. Set up SimpliSafe in just under an hour. No salesperson or technician has to come to your home, "its that simple to setup."

So start watching, and monitoring your home 24/7 in just minutes or one hour. Simplisafe is one of our best recommended smart home security systems to have. Look no further, welcome to our article explaining everything you need to know about Simplisafe. Known as The Best Home Security To Have 2023, this is Simplisafe Smart Home Security EXPLAINED! Start reading...

Advanced security. Faster emergency response.

Protect your whole home from intruders, fires, floods and more. With Fast Protect™ Technology and Interactive monitoring, our live agents can capture evidence and verify a threat in your home is real. So you can get priority dispatch for faster police response.*

Why choose SimpliSafe ?

Half the cost of traditional providers

Professional monitoring for less than $1 a day with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. Powered by Fast Protect™ Technology Advanced technology helps our live, 24/7 monitoring agents quickly verify security threats for priority dispatch and faster police response. *Requires Interactive monitoring plan with video verification

Protect against intruders and other home threats

More than just intruders—our agents monitor against leaks, floods, fires and more. Smarter ways to detect motion Detects people, ignores pets. Motion sensors use a precision human-form detection algorithm so you get better detection and faster response.